I hate FIA card Services, I paid now they will not.


My uncle died a couple of years ago, I just got a letter from FIA Card Services telling me that he was enrolled in the optional credit protection plus program. FIA wants a copy of the death certificate.

Which is real strange since B of A put me through *** in my attempts to take care of my uncles estate, B of A was given two copies.

I called them and told them that I paid off my uncles $101,000 balance, now the Rep from FIA tells me on the phone that since I paid the bill they don't have to pay the $25,000 benefit. I'm thinking they tried to *** me off so I wouldn't send them the Death certificate.

Monetary Loss: $25000.


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I'm a real estate agent representing a seller on a Short Sale home. After months of the short sale process, I got approval from the lender to sell the home and close escrow.

The Seller's ex wife had a debt with FIA Card Services for $10,000 and FIA recorded a Lien against their home for the debt. She then declared bankruptcy so the debt to FIA was discharged. So in essence they are NOT owed any money.

Well the lien is still on the home and now FIA Card Services wants money to release the lien even though they are not owed anything. We have offerred $2,000 to them and they keep stalling and not giving any answer. I get the runaround whenever I call and it has been a nightmare.

FIA Card Services is holding the house hostage. We cannot sell it with this lien on the property. They are not owed any money but want money to release the lien but will not tell us how much.

There are so many complaints about FIA Card Services out there. They seem to be a very unethical company!



How did it ended up with FIA... Were you able to work out a Release?

FIA Card Services


I received a notice from FIA card services that my inquiry was unable to be processed because the account number was not attached. I called FIA, was on hold 45+ minutes just to be transferred back to the que to hold again.

I received no explanation as to why I got this notice from FIA. Putting the pieces together and reading these complaints, I believe this is associated with my MBNA card. They really need to include this on their letters if they are changing the name, affiliation or association.

Now to get back to being on hold. Yes, I'm now at 55 minutes on hold & counting.

FIA Card Service in Livingston, New Jersey - BofA credit protection is a consumer scam!


All, please note there is a CLASS ACTION suit against BofA credit protection. All we can hope now is people like Boris Maksimov find a new career, such a senior operator of the Tilt-O-Whirl for a traveling carnival.

Unfortunately, the class action suite will reimburse everyone a total of $50.00 / Ea. Harldy compensation for the $2,300.00 I lost, but at least they got caught. That's some vindication at least. If anyone knows of any other way to obtain reimbursement from these criminals, please to share.

I wrote letters and they continued to claim that I signed up "verbally" yet failed to ever provide proof that a recording existed.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

FIA Card Service in Los Angeles, California - Rip off


if i had known that this FIA credit card was being sold to Bank Of America I would have never gotten it. I think it was a set-up from the beginning.

Will cancel as soon as it is paid off and will not ever use again. I do not like bank of America.

I do not like bank of Ameica it is a rip off company that does not care for customers. matter of fact I think they were in cahoots with the credit card companies and will do damage to credit of customers as they do well well

Merrill Lynch interest reduction FIA Card Services


I have a CMA Account with Merril Edge. My interest earings on the account went from $0.21 on my 7/32/2012 statement to $0.04 on my 8/31/2012 statement.

That is close to a 75% reduction on interest for a greater balance. Anyone else bothered by this? Where do you think I should go to get an answe to my question?

Here again is the lack of transparency with respect to money market accounts.

The New York Times just recently covered this problem on one of it's Sunday business pages. Help, help, help, help, help.

FIA Card Service in Culpeper, Virginia - Garnished my wages without notice

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Took money from my savings and checking without notifying me. It is not right to take money from a savings or checking account without consent.

I am not a bank and some people just don't have alot of money to pay all of there bills. The credit card account needs to be closed because I didn't win the lottery and my husband is the one who needs to be contacted because he has the business account.

If I could afford a lawyer, then I would take you all to court. I will be calling about this transaction first thing Monday morning.

Monetary Loss: $900.



you are being foolish...if you run up your credit cards and cannot pay, who do you think should?

FIA Card Service in Washington, District Of Columbia - FIA lack of customer care

Not resolved

I have been a cardholder of FIA since 1995. They always tell you when you call how they appreciate that.

Well today I called to get an extension of my limit for an emergency trip. I have never been late with a payment to them and I usually pay 2-3000.00 payments and sometimes even pay the card off monthly. I travel extensively and when the lady said they could not raise my limit I said OK. My credit score is 763.

So after I thought about it a while it just burned me up. I called back only to be on hold for10 minutes. When I finally got a body (Lady) I answered her questions, I then ask for a supervisor. She asked why I told her I was not satisfied with the outcome of my last call.

She just hung up. I could not believe it. So I called back was on hold for 8 more minutes finally got a man names Omar, needless to say at this point I was almost fit to be tied. Omar would not let me speak to a supervisor or even give me another person until I answer his 20 questions.

I finally did, then he puts me on hold for another 14 minutes only to reach a supervisor "Mellissa" that must be one of the peopel that should ot be in a position of any power. Well I then explained to her that I had been an account holder since 1995 and had spent numberous dollars with her company. Went on to explain that I traveled exstensively and sometimes charged my card up 5-10000.00 in one month. She was so non shalant that I thought I was not hearing her right.

I then told her what happened with my earlier call where the lady did not increase my limit. She really just did not care. I then said that I would pay the card off and cut it up. She basically said she did not care and for me to do what I want.

"WOW". At this point I told her thats it, your not going to say anything about appreaciating my businesss or even try to talk me out of cutting my card up. She said "NO". "WOW" I just did not know what to say.

For the record I was not expeting her to give me the limit increase, but I would have at least expected her to appreciate the job she has and try to get me to see not to close the account. However this is probably one of those people who should not have a job, because they do not deserve one. I would hope that if one of their executives sees this complaint that they fire her or at least reduce her to cleaning the rest room as that is the only place she should be working. Certainly not with the public.

She would probably let her mother and father go to bankruptcy before she would help then with a penny. Thanks for listening.

FIA CARD SERVICES... Questionable practices.

Not resolved

I got a phone call from this company today, but did not answer bc I didn't recognize the phone number. I tried to call it back, but the number was no longer in service.

I proceeded to look it up online and found out it was this FIA company, found a number and called them. I was immediately asked for my social security number! When I said no, I asked them to look it up with my phone number. The person did so and couldn't find anything...

this is making me very suspicious.

Will not deal with this number any more. They need to leave a message regarding what they want and a phone number to call them back at.

FIA Card services Withdrew Money from out account without permission

Not resolved

We have a dormant company in Texas, which still has a bank account. Because it is not active we dont pay much attension to the account, however this month we noticed a payment to FIA. Looking back we see more payments going back to January. We have no idea who FIA is and the bank tell us it was an online transaction. We have the routing number that the money was sent to but thats all.

How do we recover these funds, the bank will only go back 2 months.

Is it correct that they must investigate and report to us within 10 days ?

Can I take FIA to small claims court

Can I file a criminal complaint.

Monetary Loss: $2100.

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