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I called today to get a replacement for a damaged card, nothing more.I first talked to a nice guy that said he would get it taken care of, then he connected me to the Devil.

After being berated for about 5 minutes with a series of questions, I finally interrupted and said; "you know I only need to replace my damaged card..." He told me to hold a minute and came back and told me they were closing my account. I was/am in shock at the stupidity. I have had this card for three years and it has been my primary card, I spent on average 5k a month on this card and never once carried a balance, not once, paid in full monthly, on time! They said it was because my employment had changed, so what!

Do we really wonder why banking is in such crisis?

Idiots!Stay away!

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Whitefish, Montana, United States #644333

FIA card services is owned by bank of america and if you knew how many banks we cover such as wells fargo, Barclays, Soverign bank Glacier bank and any time you see FIA card services on your account know that BOA owns it


On/about April 17, 2012, I received a written notice via the U.S. mail, from Bank of America (BA)

advising me that I have their BankAmericard Platinum Visa Credit Card (C/C). Having a previously issued FIA Card Services Credit Card, I immediately contacted the BA’s customer service (CS) and determined that BA had now assumed all of FIA’s credit accts and that the C/C was a reissued C/C for me, now under Bank of America.

Having not recv’d any new BA C/C, like any responsible adult concerned with possible lost mail and a potential identity takeover/fraud, I then contacted the BA CS and spoke with a Hispanic CS male representative, who advised he would closed the BA C/C and send me a new C/C by next Wednesday (04/25/12); but that I could still use the FIA C/C, until I received and activated the new BA C/C. Later that day, I found that the FIA C/C acct was CLOSED also.

I then contacted the BA CS for a second time, and was advised by a very nice female rep that she’d overnight the new BA C/C due to the inconvenience.

On 4/20/12, having not received any overnight BA C/C, I contacted the BA CS for yet a third time and was advised that overnight C/C shipments cannot be sent to a PO Box, only a physical street address—and that my account has only a PO Box.

In speaking with a female BA CS supervisor, I was advised that she’d provide feedback to the previous CS reps and that the earliest I could receive a new BA C/C is...

Don’t do business with these idiots for the sake of your credit rating, sanity, and peace of mind.

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These people appear to be criminals.I have no business with Bank of America.

I have no credit card debt. Yet I am called on my mobile phone by 866-367-8750 repeatedly, asking in heavily accented English for some unknown name.

These people get your info, then steal your money.They are criminals.


Credit cards companies love when you pay your balance at the end of the month. Thats not how they make all their money.

They make the buisness pay them a percentage of each sale made with their card. How do you think they offer all those rewards? Free points? Free checking accounts? Businesses pay for it.

if you want to really help the economy, and youre tired of seeing prices go up, pay off your credit cards and use cash.

otherwise, dont complain....remember, nothing in life is free.




seriously, why is everyone so bent on ruining their lives by using OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY?i can't imagine using a credit card to pay for stuff that i can save up for....

THAT'S a big part of why this country is in trouble. good customers/bad customers, it doesn't matter... everyone seems to be losing...

yet we want to continue with bad habits..I'm just saying.


Get some satisfaction by causing fia/BofA some irritation and expense - at no expense to you! Here's how:

Look for any prepaid envelope or credit card application from fia/BofA. Leave it blank and seal it up, taping the edges of the prepaid envelope/application to a flat rate envelope from the post office. Fia/BofA then is charged $4.50 + about $.20 for the use of prepaid permit for each item sent to them in this manner. So, cost to them is about $4.70 per item, not including the personnel time to open up both the flat rate envelope and the sealed envelope/application to find zero.

Seeing the number of viewers to this site, imagine if each of a thousand of us make it a point to send out 100 a year. Such equals to: 1,000 X 100 = 100,000 prepaid flat rate envelopes X $4.70 ea = $470,000 off the bottom line, not including the personnel time to open each item.


Celebrated today by closing the fia credit card and requested the credit balance be sent out to me. Having earlier paid off fia's credit card, leaving just a small credit balance on purpose, now it'll cost them some physical time and exp to issue out the credit.

It's time to cause them some grief w/wasted man hours and expense - will explain how this can be done w/no expense to you on next entry.


:( Hey Get Serious,

You are just as *** at the company you work for.The real story has been told.

I NEVER carried a balance and paid on time every month. Trust me, I know more about the credit industry than you could ever dream. Just because your some low paid phone operator for a terrible company that has helped demolish the economy of the Country, this does not make you the resident expert.

I have worked in the credit industry for the last 12 years and admittedly do still have some things to learn, but why FIA acted the way they did in my case is beyond me.If you were wise you should not try and tackle issues that are obviously beyond you.


I am one of those devils you write about.Why dont you tell them the real story.

The bank may have its issues but honestly the bank loves customers who use their card often and pay off their balances on time. Ignorance breeds ignorance.

Get yourself credit educated and then make your comments!:roll

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