Bill got misplaced.Payment not made on time.

Card frozen without notice. They had my e-mail, I had account for several years with always on-time payment history, usually in full. I had outstanding less than 10% of available balance . Called and was told that this is what they do to anyone who is late in making a payment.

They can send out sales pitches and survey's online using my e-mail and can't give me a notice that they are freezing the account because 1 payment is late?Took 3 calls to reach a supervisor( I know probably just someone at the next desk)

Cancelled Card.


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Bad thing to do throwing your statements in the trash without reading them.There could be other charges on your account that you may not be aware of,.

Check your statement each month.

Bank repr.are signing people up for programs that they did not ask for.


We paid off our FIA account thru what I always thought was our local bank First Natl of Pa., 3/10/12.It was several thousands .

On March 23rd we get a letter dated March 14th that FIA is closing our account. Their reason was that even tho' we have sufficient credit and a credit score of 750 we are a credit risk, and their periodic audit compels them to cancel us. This makes no sense to me. In the 12 years we have had the card we never made a late payment or missed a payment.

The credit person I spoke with even had the nerve to ask me where I got the money to pay off my bill !!!I don't get it.


I was shocked to learn that Texans Credit Union sole their accounts to FIA card services.The agent at Texans informed me that they didn't have to technology and man power and needed a company that would handle the accounts.

I informed them I'd just gotten laid off. They immediatly closed my account. I'd this account for over 5 or 6 years and had been making the payments. They didn't care.

I feel violated...They are connected to Bank of America!I hate them!!!


Jung is obviously asian w/o reading the name Jung.


this credit card is really bad and not like a regular credit card.even too high interest and hidden cost and bad customer service.they always excuses other department. dodnt even try this credit card.

Carmel, Maine, United States #395728

I am also very upset with the handling of my account by FIA Card Services.

From reading the comments here, it seems that they want to play by their own rules and not the FTC guidelines.I think its time for a class action suit.

Please start by writing your complaints to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) on unfair practices for debt collectio.

They can be forced to cease and dissist and/ or pay restitution.Sick of these financial institutions and their crooked ways!!


I also throw my statements in the trash each month...but for a different reason.

I simply have decided not to pay BoA or HSBC or FIA (whoever these crooks currently are calling themselves) one more cent.

They already received their due back in 2008 to the tune of $781 billion from the US Treasury.My CC debt is less than $3000...I think my tax burden and that of my future kids more than covers that, so I'd say we are even, or maybe they owe me!


I would be suspicious of anyone claiming to be FIA when they are not.I have spoken with Bank of America and their FIA card services fraud department and there is a number and name they do not have on file.

A person called both members of my family in different parts of the US and gave a call back number that was not legit. When I called it back and gave them my name I was also disconnected (similar to previous story) so I'm suspect that I just confirmed information they may be able to use against me. I say this because all my credit information was stolen last year when I took out a mortgage and there have been many suspect acts in attempts to use my credit ever since. Be carful who you trust is actually FIA.

Call BofA directly and not the number they give you or call you from.Just my 2.


I have been under a payment plan with FIA Card Services since June 2010.I have never missed a payment and have paid as agreed under their plan.

For the last several months they have been calling asking me to make an additional payment on one account and I have refused. Today they called my son on his cell phone and my daughter in law on her home phone. My son told them he did not have any accounts with them or BA. He recently settled his accounts and they are closed.

They apparently added his information from his account to mine and are not calling him at his work. I called the representative and he said that he would remove his telephone number from my account if I told him what the number was. I told him to cease and desist or I would stop making the agreed upon payments and go to court. He said that they would ruin my credit if I did that.

Later today they called my daughter in law and asked her about my accounts. They used my name and a combination of my wife's first name and my daughter in law's middle name. My son and daughter in law have an account with BA so they apparently accessed their account to but pressure on me.

I called them back to discuss the second call and before I could get started the representative hung up on me.I am stopping all contact with them now and contacting the FTC.


Did you read your terms and conditions?It clearly states there that you have to pay the section of your statement that says "New Balance Total" each month in order not to receive interest.

New Balance Total is what you would refer to as your full balance. I was not part of your conversation, so maybe the representative did tell you wrong information, but I never go by talk.

I want to see things in black and white.So should you.


Your payment is on the same date each month. I throw my statements in the trash without even opening them because I know exactly when my due date is and exactly what bills need to be paid out of my next paycheck. Learn some organization skills.

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