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I received a bill from the IRS for a debt cancellation based on a 1099 form filed by FIA Financial, Card Services, Consumer Lending based in Greensboro, NC.I never received the form from FIA, supposedly for a bill I incurred in 2008 and they wrote it off in 2008.

I think not. I never did business with them. It is possible that they purchased some accounts from other companies and then wrote them off.

I would like to know if others out there have experienced similar problems and if so, I would like to share info.I smell something seriously wrong here.

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Great article. Thanks for the info, it’s easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a form 1099-C, I found a blank form here:

Austin, Texas, United States #961255

Same thing happened to my husband and I. We called bank of America and they did not have any records of my husband. I have an appointment with IRS today to check what is going on.

to Pam Cypress, Texas, United States #1103923

Pam, How was your outcome with IRS & FIA last year?We are now going through the exact same thing only it was reported in 2013 and the IRS is stating they reported nearly 6,000.00 from my husband!!

This is insane.Why have they not gone after these theives??


same thing happened to me the irs said that we owed fia card services and I never received a 1099 either and did not even have a boa credit card


i just received a notice from IRS about debt cancellation 2 years ago. A 1099-C was turned in by FIA Card Services. Do not know who they are.


I just received a IRS form stating I need o pay due to a Cancelation of debt from FIA.Never received form?

Do not even recall this?:?


I also received a bill from IRS stating a cancellation of debt without receipt of any 1099 form. Now IRS is claiminh moneys owed them based on income from this cancellation of debt from FIA Card Services. Is this legal?

Boca Raton, Florida, United States #703453

I, too, received a bill from the IRS yesterday for $1100 citing the exact same reason.


I recieved a notice from the IRS as well for an unpaid tax bill of $1,000 or so.I called all my card settlement comapnies & ran my credit report & none could be traced to FIA card services or the amount that they said was "forgiven" & unclaimed on my 2011 taxes.

Called the IRS directly & was on hold for an hour, finally after they did a bit of digging, they noticed that it was a mistake on FIA's part & they had assigned my social security number to someone elses forgiven debt. I think FIA is just writing off random debt to random social security numbers, hoping the consumer will ot catch on & just write a check out to the IRS.

Check your credit reports & then deal with it with the IRS directly!:(


I had an agreement w/BOA to pay off cc debt.CC was paid in full.

Received a 1099-c 2 1/2 years later as a write off . Took (in Fed dist CT SC now)them to court for breach of contract.

FIA & BOA are perpetuating a tax fraud.FIA wants to settle.

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