Once, I stayed on the phone until a real, live representative came on, I informed them they had a wrong number.There was NO Susan Long at our address and I have never known a person by that name.

Yet, I am STILL getting phone calls. Isn't this against the law? It's harrassment for something I haven't done. I'm reporting them to the our State's Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau and anyone else I can think of!

Everyone should follow through and do this!! It is so frustrating to be getting these calls twice a day and you can't even get a person on the phone without waiting for 20 minutes.

Who has time for this?

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How would you like 22 calls starting at 7 am till 8:30 pm.


You may also be a victim of identity theft. Questions? Contact me at 661 304-8717 This is not a commercial service but I may be able to give you some very needed information.When you call or text just say, "FIA Complaint!" and I'll know what it's about.



I have been getting robocalls from "FIA" as well.

Look up the number in caller ID and you will learn this is a nation wide scam. Phishing for your information.

FIA was part of a bank Bank of America bought up. FIA is BOA's credit card collections outfit. Since most US households have a BOA account, it is "the fake FIA's" identity to steal. ANYTHING you tell them will be used to set up bogus credit accounts in your name so they can steal your money. If you feel it is the real FIA Card Services, N.A., call them at 877-811-7088 and tell them about the robocalls. They will verify they have not been calling you.

As far as the robocalls, we use a TeleBouncer machine (find them on eB@y or Am@zon...) Not one robocall has bothered us since we got this machine!

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