I think all of the complaints about FIA Card Services is absolutely ridiculous.A lot of the complaints can be explained by customer who did not read their terms and conditions or can be explained by customers setting up payments and forgetting about it a month later.

The packet of small writing is not provided to you to stick a file cabinet or throw in the trash. Read it. Also, all businesses have policies. I agree the policies may include lengthy time frames for things to happen and it may be unpleasant, but there is a reason for these things.

That is with all businesses, not just credit card companies.

I'm not saying that FIA Card Services is flawless, but what company is?Own up to your mistakes when they are your's and keep a record of not only what the representative did for you that day, but also what you said to the representative.

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I can't believe that these people would defend a company that lies, steals, harasses your family about your account that is a breach of privacy, which I read in the fine print that is a policy is privacy, so then yore agreeing to there deceitfull business tactics, wait till they mess with you I hope you're next on their list! I'm sure there will be something sooner than later that they will get you for!


obviously a sorry fia card service rep...get a job. geeez! my online access was cut with no warning so now i'm getting an attorney to take care of your compnany!!!


have you ever heard something about Viagra Pharmacy ? I think you should add something about that element, shouldn't you?


Ahh, A voice of reason is so refreshing. It is so true how these "pissed consumers" should be pissed at themselves for getting themselves inthe situation they got themselves into because they don't bother to read "the fine print" or even the big print or won't admit they don't understand.


Once again, read your terms and conditions.They can freeze your account at any time, it clearly states that in there.

You agreed to that the moment you swiped the card and secondly, why the *** would you want a compromised card not to be shut down. It sucks that they can't email you or call you, but that's their policy. They do everything by written communication.

I think your mistake may have been agreeing to use a credit card you didn't take the time to become familiar with and this policy, by the way, is used with a majority of credit card companies, so what are you going to do when another company does the same thing to you.Come to pissedconsumer.com to talk about them to?


I saw your retort at the top of the website page.Just to let you know, FiaCard services holds both telephone and email address information on me, yet failed to communicate that, in the face of a data compromise, they are freezing my account.

Nice embarassment to have your credit card refused at my 10 year-old's birthday celebration TWO DAYS AFTER freezing the account.My only mistake: having a card serviced by this company.

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