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This was an awesome card while Schwab owned it. But it was recently sold to FIA card services. I didn't notice anything major until last week.

I received a Fedex package and was expecting a few packages so I opened it up. It was a prescription medication with my name on it but I have never heard of the medication, never taken it, and above all, NEVER EVER would use my visa card to order a prescription medication on the internet from some foreign pharmacy. Or any pharmacy, period!

I would go to the doctor if I was sick and take my presciption to Walgreens.

Anyway, I have spend at least 3 solid hours on the phone trying to reach someone at this pharmacy company and to get an address to ship this back so they will take it off my visa.

Getting a person who actually knows what I'm supposed to do to correct this has proved fruitless. Why am I spending time I don't have to get money back that I never spent?

I called FIA dispute department twice and explained I cannot get the address from the company and I'm not going to spend money on shipping because they can't reimburse me. Besides, my credit card number was used by someone other than me. I shouldn't be trying to resolve ***. Someone stole my credit card number!

But FIA still will not help me. I'm told I need to keep trying to get an address from the merchant and pay the shipping.

Are they serious? Someone has my credit card number and it was used by someone else besides me. I only have one Visa card and no one else uses it so looks like SOMEONE STOLE MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND


Stay away from this card and this company as you too could end up spending much more than the fraudulent charge trying to resolve it.


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This is a great card and the one bad experience mentioned unfortunately is bound to occur. The transition from Schwab to FIA was smooth for me and the cash rebates keep being deposited AUTOMATICALLY into my Schwab account.

Not many cards make it this easy to receive your cash rewards!

Also, the card has a great SHOP SAFE feature which actually can help to prevent fraud. I'd highly recommend checking that feature out!


That makes sense... We are going to steal your credit card number and have the merchandise sent to the card holders address.

Yep that's what a crook would do. Might want to look at family members


You have been hit by IDENTITY THEFT; you need to call your local police and your insurance company to report the problem.

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