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Simply put I had two Fidelity Credit Cards, a Visa and AMEX serviced by FIA.For over 20 years I traveled using my regular AMEX Card ad my GM MasterCard.

I switched to the Fidelity branded cards for the cash back feature ad boy was it a mistake. FIA essentially demands you phone them and tell them your travel itinerary and every city you will be in ad on what specific day. And heaven help you if you travel like may people and hit more than one city a day. They lock your card ad you are declined everywhere.

Imagine how it looks to a client when their Consultant's credit card is declined for dinner! I was stranded by them and had to use my frequent stayer hotel privileges to get cash so I could buy airfare etc. I could to even rent-a-car thanks to FIA. I tried to work this out with FIA for over a year, but every week it was the same thing.

So I am back to using my GM Card (superior service) and standard AMEX. FIA sucks - period. I tis almost impossible to use there cards for travel when you switch cities frequently. Try going on a multi-state see the country trip with your family with FIA and see what happens!!!!

You pull off at a gas station and your car dis declined when 3 hours earlier i another state it worked fine!You will have to call them for early every transaction an dit takes about 15 minutes to get a hold of someone.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I didn't like: Their attitude.

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